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About Enhanced Medical Revenue

Enhanced Medical Revenue is a progressive, forward-thinking professional services firm dedicated to helping healthcare providers enhance their financial performance. Our medical revenue service offerings are broad and include:

  • Strategic Revenue Cycle Analysis / Assessment
  • Optimization of Current Financial Systems and Software
  • Staff Training and Education
  • Standardization and Process Improvement in the areas of Accounts Receivable Management
  • ICD 10 Training and Implementation
  • Medical Billing Services
  • Clinical Coding Solutions

Turnkey Medical Revenue Solutions

At Enhanced Medical Revenue, our expertise is moving the business of healthcare forward. We take this mission seriously – and literally. Our approach believes in “doing it right the first time,” as opposed to the current practice of “denial management.” Our turnkey medical revenue solutions work in any environment – hospitals, emergency rooms, clinics, and private practices.

We offer both a range and depth of medical revenue services to meet your exact needs, and look to build long-standing client relationships by delivering exceptional insight and performance to each of our clients regardless of size or situation.


We look forward to introducing our unique services to you.
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