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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: What sets Enhanced Medical Revenue apart from other consultancies or outsourcing companies?
  • Enhanced Medical Revenue doesn’t simply address your healthcare revenue cycle challenges, but rather provide a comprehensive analysis and solution based approach tailored toward identifying/correcting your specific financial office problems. Whether you need help diagnosing the root-cause of financial underperformance, treatment for identified problem areas, or help managing a department on an interim or ongoing basis, Enhanced Medical Revenue is your financial office partner.
  • Q: How do I evaluate the ROI of Enhanced Medical Revenue’s solutions?
  • Healthcare revenue cycle ROI can be measured on both cost savings from increased efficiencies as well as increased business opportunity. Our services help reduce bad debt, increase cash flow and improve your bottom line, all while creating minimal disruption to your ongoing financial office operations. In addition, a comprehensively managed approach toward revenue cycle management will assure the highest degree of patient satisfaction, retention and new patient referral.
  • Q: How much do your medical billing solutions and services cost?
  • Enhanced Medical Revenue’s pricing structure is needs based and intervention specific, with no two client solutions being the same. What is consistent is that our fees are generally paid as a portion of the cost savings which we identify, making selecting and paying for our service offerings an easy and risk free choice. Following a no-cost analysis of your specific situation, EMR will provide a detailed summary of observed root-cause, structured interventional corrections and projected returns/costs – there are never unwanted surprises working with EMR.
  • Q: Will your services affect my patients?
  • Yes, but in a very good way! Research clearly indicates that patients are unhappy with the current medical billing and payments processes associated with the healthcare delivery, and have little knowledge or understanding concerning their coverage and/or financial responsibilities relating to their medical care. By addressing these issues at the time of registration, patients know exactly what to expect, eliminating unwanted surprises at the time of payment. The healthcare revenue cycle process spans the continuum of care from initial registration through final medical reimbursement, presenting a hidden opportunity for providers to build strong patient relationships, referrals and increased satisfaction. At EMR we look at healthcare revenue cycle management as an opportunity to help our client’s build strong and lasting relationships with their patients and community, we are your true business partner.
  • Q: Are the services and solutions of Enhanced Medical Revenue cost effective?
  • Yes. Once implemented and fully operational our revenue cycle management solutions pay for themselves. Our customers see lower bad debt expenses, reduced operating costs, increase in cash flow and an overall improvement in productivity and patient satisfaction. Healthcare Accounts receivable services such as an outsourced medical billing service elevates extraneous non-core financial office distractions, allowing providers to focus their time and resources on the business of providing exceptional healthcare – and getting paid for it!
  • Q: How much training is associated with your solutions?
  • We pride ourselves on our ability to work alongside your current staff, where EMR solutions have minimal negative/disruptive impact on your staff. At EMR we do not sell software or technology and the implementation challenges which those bring, but rather optimize the infrastructure you have already invested in, assuring that your organization is gathering the maximum benefit from the technology which you have. As your partner we can work together, creating minimal disruption as we develop protocols that are most effective for your particular situation.
  • Q: What if our situation changes?
  • As an agile company, Enhanced Medical Revenue can adapt to your revenue cycle management challenges. Our revenue cycle service experts can modify or enhance our solutions to respond to any changes in your operating environment.
  • Q: How do I find out if Enhanced Medical Revenue is a good fit for our organization?
  • Our financial and administrative solutions work in any environment - hospitals, emergency rooms, clinics, and private practices. For a personal consultation and review of your needs, please contact Sue Czubala at 708 297 3281, or email Sue at sczubala@emrllc.com



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