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Enhanced Pre-Service Solutions

What happens before an appointment is as critical to your success as the visit itself. How are your patients greeted? How long are they asked to wait? And perhaps the most overlooked component: are your patients provided with a thorough understanding of their financial responsibility?

At Enhanced Medical Revenue we agree with building expert opinion including HIMSS revenue cycle task force, believing that effective healthcare revenue cycle management begins with the initial patient interaction establishing a clear message of financial responsibility. One bad registration can create multiple claim denials and costing more than the charge itself. Or even worse, a bad business office experience can cost you a patient and subsequent referrals.




Our Healthcare Revenue Cycle consulting team will conduct an in-depth review of the following pre-service functions and provide a clear analysis of the impact it has on your organization.

Registration / Scheduling

  • Review patient onboarding capacity
  • Evaluate the efficiency of your scheduling template
  • Analyze of the scripting of staff during scheduling / admissions
  • Review call statistics and evaluate abandon rates, answer times and effectiveness of call triage
  • Determine the completeness of information, and verify that the correct insurance plan was chosen
  • Review any insurance plan specifics for scheduling and/or admissions requirements


  • Review the process and accuracy of patient eligibility checking
  • Determine plan exceptions and how they are managed
  • Evaluate patient plan for error correction prior to visits
  • Review communication plan with office staff

Securing Payment

  • Review collection of physician fees such as co-pay before service
  • Examine self-pay policy for consistency
  • Analyze process for collection of prior balances before further services are rendered

Financial Clearance

  • Scrutinize protocol for securing patient payment for scheduled procedures
  • Review self-pay policy for consistency
  • Inspect process for collection of prior balances before further services are rendered
  • Determine plan restrictions and how they are managed

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